Rooibos/Red Tea cream for healthy skin and relief from eczema
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My Story

As a young mum, with a newborn baby who was struggling with Eczema on his little cheeks and body, I had tried everything that the doctor had prescribed. Nothing worked. I felt desperate and didn't know where to turn. I knew of the gentle, soothing properties of the Rooibos plant, so I created this special cream.

To my relief, it worked amazingly well and within a day, the smile was back on my son's face. We've never looked back.

All natural remedy from the Rooibos plant.
Rich in antioxidants.
Mild and soothing for Eczema and other skin conditions.
Use as part of your daily beauty routine.
No preservatives, perfumes or additives.
Safe for all ages - from newborns to the elderly.