Rooibos/Red Tea cream for healthy skin and relief from eczema
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Bath Tea Bags (x 10) - Rooibos (Red Tea), Gluten Free Oats, Epsom Salts and Grapefruit extract


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Soothing, healing and calming tea bags to put into your bath to help you repair and moisturise your skin. These are especially effective as a natural remedy for eczema.

You will feel rejuvenated by the well-balanced combination of the ingredients:

Rooibos (Redbush / Red Tea) - Antioxidant rich, healing.
Gluten Free Oats - Soothing, moisturising and softening.
Epsom Salts - Rich in Magnesium which relaxes and soothes.
Grapefruit Extract - Natural, gentle antiseptic.

Perfect for babies, and anyone else who is struggling with eczema or other skin conditions or is generally feeling fatigued.

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